Herveline Cremmer is a French born artist based in England, currently studying a BA(Hons) in Fine art at Loughborough University. The core concept of her practice is the distress and torment of the human condition on the individual level of the self. Through the mediums of clay, printmaking and photography, she explores the crisis of identity and suffering that constitutes human existence to create affects of disturbance and torment.

The artist is also concerned with the relation between artist, art and viewer, in particular the contradictory reactions that arise when faced with the raw language of deformity present in clinical, disturbing compositions.

Primarily investing her future career in art; photography and photo-manipulation are a crucial support to the development of the artist's ideas and identity, as well as videography.

Her work is currently on display at Mardleyburry Gallery,Datchworth - https://www.mardleyburygallery.co.uk/

Her work can also be purchased here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleFrogArt


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