SIZE: 31x3x5cm

MEDIA/PROCESS: casting slip and clay, red light



Meltdown is one of two sculptural outcomes that I produced for Semester 1 of second year; it was crucial to the development of my practice in semester 2.

Meltdown expresses the self as it observes itself dissolve and is powerless to stop it. The head is the focal point of this liquification as the integrity of individuality, logic and the producer of thought. Its seemingly slow disintegration conjures a painful vision of being aware of losing oneself, yet passively observing the process. Unlike breakdown, identity is not shattered but slowly seeps out, as though the essence of the sculpture’s humanity was disappearing.

As such, this sculpture can be interpreted to respond to the current mental health crisis that we are undergoing, and the loss of oneself among an increasingly alienated world.


15 February 2019



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