A-Level Final Piece 1

A-Level Final Piece 1


SIZE: 70 x 140cm

MEDIA/PROCESS: oil paint



This painting was the final piece of my A-Level project for which the theme was rape and sexual assault. It the product of a year of research into the portrayal of sexual assault in the media where many articles and campaigns against sexual assault revolve around the physical brutality. Attention is rarely drawn to the long-term mental and psychological consequences of rape.

Yes, this can be an uncomfortable subject for many viewers hence why it is necessary to open discussion of it in order for justice to be given to victims of sexual assault, rather than blame them for what has happened to them.

Thus, this painting - which will remain untitled for ambiguous identification – aims to raise awareness of the psychological trauma of rape which impacts a person for the rest of their life. This trauma takes the form here, not only of violation to the physical body, but the core identity of the person as their life is shattered as they lose a part of themselves and can become isolated and alienated from their life pre-assault. It is sorrowful mourning of what has been brutally taken from them.


12 March 2019



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