Ambivalent Space

Ambivalent Space



TEXT: 1.3 x 8.2 cm and 3.0 x 10.5 cm

Images: 13.0 x 21.0 cm

MEDIA/PROCESS: 35mm film photographs taken with PentaxK1000, typerwriter text



This text-image piece is one of my final outcomes for Semester 2 of second year. It explores the combination of text and analogue photography to convey isolation and absence in relation to space and the self.

The 35mm film photographs explore how presences leave lingering feelings in the spaces they pass. Resultantly, spaces become atmospheric experiences punctuated by a formless absence. The 35mm film provides a raw atmosphere of visual abandonment through binaries of light and dark in abstract space, or desolate urban environments roamed by solitary figures. They aim to capture time’s subliminal mortality and singularity.

As for the texts, they aim to conjure unsettling emptiness and loneliness and contextualise the images. They are the re-assemblage of thoughts, overheard conversations and philosophy podcast in order to observe the universal depth of human experience.


28 May 2019


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