Suspended Thought

Suspended Thought



ACTUAL SIZE: 67 x 13 x 6 cm

MEDIA/PROCESS: casting slip, white grog clay, Potclays Koralle brush-on glaze, ready-made white glaze



This sculpture is one of my final outcomes for Semester 2 of second year. The sculpture would be installed in a black gallery space lit with orange-red lights with a spotlight directly above the sculpture. The sculpture would be hung with metal hooks from the ceiling in the flesh of the knees and shoulders. The suspension of the sculpture is meant to depict how the individual self is only a temporary precense in time, and the dread that this revelation imposes.

This outcome is the culmination of two years of research into depicting affects of crisis and mental illnesses originating from the human condition in physical form, utilising the aspect of the grotesque where the human form becomes disfigured through torment. I achieved the illusion of oozing cysts through a visceral texture by applying semi-dried casting slip to the clay, and the a red on white glaze to imitate injured tissue.


28 May 2019


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