The Judgment

The Judgment



SIZE: 42.0 x 59.4 cm

MEDIA/PROCESS: copper plate etching on heavyweight cartridge paper



The Judgment can be considered to be in a series with my previous large-scale etching ‘The Self’.

This etching’s subthemes are the human desire for forgiveness, the condemnation of the self and awareness of consciousness being a disease. Rather than establishing disturbance through a grotesque deformation of the body, a general disturbance is expressed using tormented subjects and cult-like compositions. The figures submit to or are submitted to the suffering of the human condition, the torment of self-doubt and judgment whilst simultaneously preaching for redemption.

The composition is more complex and develops my linear style. The visual composition primarily draws on symbolic Christian imagery apparent in the satanic faces and symmetry which mimics the holy trinity triangle. References to Hindu/Buddhist symbols are seen in the hand gestures.

The traditional style I employ references the medium’s history and the compositional elements have religious connotations. There is a historic relationship between traditional art and religion evident in the religious themes of judgment of the obscure, sinful essence of the self.


28 May 2019


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